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Challenges of Dating a Woman in Jail


She lives a dangerous life and you like dangerous living. She is a convict behind bars but that does not seem to be enough reason to deter you. You like that caliber of women though in your subconscious you know they do not take things for granted and they are a big fish to fry. Dating a woman in jail does not require the faint-hearted; it needs a person with nerves of steel. Imagine how everything seems strange when you think of her. She is full of mystery, it shrouds her. She keeps you guessing forever, dating her is like navigating in unchartered waters. Entering into her life is traveling into the unknown. It gives you an adrenaline rush and am sure sometimes you ran short of breath. She seems so near yet so far away. She is hard to get and men like it that way because that is where the game is sweetest. A woman in jail is also hard to keep, don’t think you can rein her in so easily.

A woman in jail is not the equivalent of that ordinary girl next door. She is a woman who has been through it all and seen it all, she is unique in her own way and maybe that is where the attraction is. If you carried out a self evaluation of yourself, what do you think would drive you to date a woman in jail? Maybe you are a person who likes challenges or the intrigues of this world. A woman in jail is not a devil as many might want to portray her; she is a human being and she has her good and tender side. She would also like love and affection. Before taking this woman into your fold it is prudent to dig up her history a bit so that you can at least have an insight of her life. Try to understand her background up to her current situation. That way you will have more Armour when you are interacting with her. Date her with an open mind. It would not be advisable to be prejudiced or opinionated when dating a woman in jail. Remember that her past is a sour wound and touching it is painful and might be disastrous at the end.

Caution! When dating a woman in jail do not dwell on her past. Not unless she wants to voluntarily open her past to you do not bring it up. Do not try to be self appointed counselor to her because she will be pissed off by you. In the first place she hadn’t requested for your services. The best thing that you can do is to be a good listener to her problems and keep your opinions to yourself. She will be happy to know that in this world there is a person who can listen to her problems. By mere listening to her she will appreciate how a good friend you are and how you have helped her though you never uttered a word, you just listened. Give her reassurances that she is still such a great woman and work towards boosting her self esteem and stand by her side against social stigma due to her status as a woman in jail.

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Womans Under Armour

Womans Under Armour

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