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What Does Your Perfume Say About You?

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Perfumes – the Fragrance That Tells More Than a Thousand Words

There has always been a lot of pressure on women. Women are supposed to look beautiful and smell nicely. Various commercials displaying young and pretty models show us how a woman “is supposed” to look. Although it may sound superficial, it is true that appearances matter in our society, perhaps more than ever. Perfumes are an important part of the world of fashion. For every fashionable outfit, there is a fragrance which fits it. There are different categories of perfume for different personalities: girlish and feminine perfumes or mature, darker ones. Whether you prefer a floral and sweet fragrance or a spicy one, the type of perfume you like reflects your character.

Perfumes induce certain sensations and feelings, they emanate sophistication and mystery. There are classic and ageless perfumes which have been used by generations of women and still fascinate us today. There are fragrances for romantic evenings and fragrances for fancy parties. In early ages, people used perfumes in religious ceremonies to honor the gods. Today, although many mysteries have been solved, the world of perfume still puzzles and intrigues us. Why does a certain fragrance make us feel better? This is not an easy question to answer. It may imply pleasant memories linked to that particular fragrance, or it may be just the chemical interaction between the perfume and our body cells. However, most of us prefer to just enjoy delightful fragrances without so many questions.

People discovered the relaxing and curing properties of perfume a long time ago. Aroma therapy has been used for hundreds of years to cure various diseases, but also for relaxation and elimination of stress. It has been proved that a certain fragrance has beneficial influences on both body and mind and increases the overall health. Aroma therapy has become popular in the latest years, as people have started to prefer natural treatment instead of chemical medicines. The best thing about aroma therapy is that, unlike the medicines, it has no side effects. Its positive effects are various: stress is eliminated; quality of sleep and physical and mental health are improved.

The suitable fragrance for you may depend on your complexion. Women with an olive complexion tend to prefer heavier and exotic fragrances, while a fair skin is believed to be more suited by a floral perfume. The key to discover the “right” perfume is to keep experimenting and try more fragrances before you settle for one. The fragrance that you wear will be your signature, the scent that will remain in the room after you have left it. Therefore, take as much time as you need to make the wise decision.

Don’t let yourself fooled by clever marketing ideas, such as cute and original bottles or perfume commercials which show you young and pretty models. Remember that it’s the perfume inside the bottle that you are going to use, not the bottle itself. Although original perfumes from brand name designers cost more, our advice is to buy the original stuff instead of a cheap imitation. Brand name fragrances contain quality ingredients, which is why there are more expensive. The difference will be noticeable after a few hours, when the cheap fragrance will be long gone, but the original fragrance will be as fresh as it had been at the beginning.

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About the Author: Perfumes have been one of the most inspired inventions of humankind. Today, we can’t imagine life without the charming scents that surround us. Besides making you smell better, a certain fragrance can have other positive effects: it reduces stress, increases your level of relaxation and confidence and improves your health.


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