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Victorias Secret Shock

Scary Creatures on the Prowl: a Happy Hollywood Halloween

Author: Joel Owens

Don’t just settle for witches and princesses this Halloween. Other than dressing like scary creatures meant to give party-goers a heart attack, why not try to be inspired by Hollywood stars this Halloween 2008?

When in Hollywood, Halloween is never something to fear. With lots of parties leading up to the thriller season, fans could feast on the sight of their favorite stars donning hot costumes that would make you love the darkness of November 1.

Celebrities become willing victims of fashion every Halloween. This is the probably the only time when the red carpet is laid out for over-the-top, freakish and downright tacky Hollywood fashion sense. It’s only during these events when celebrities can proudly come up to the fashion police dressing like a killer clown, demented ballerina, Hercules, or some wild mythical animal, without being ridiculed or crushed in the tabloids.

Last year’s famous Hollywood Halloween parties showcased a lot of interestingly scary fictional creatures portrayed by some headline-making stars. Paris Hilton shocked everyone when she came out as a freakish blue-eyed Alice in Wonderland. Basketball rebel, Dennis Rodman was in a very festive mode last Halloween cosplaying as, well, himself, only prettier. Victoria Secret’s dream, Heidi Klum bashed the party with a tempting red apple costume together with husband, Seal, as Eve.

Everyone is definitely on the lookout for more show-stopping costumes and entities that these celebrities would be sporting for Halloween 2008. Because of the buzz created by the Batman movie, chances are that this November, bats will be all around the hottest parties guarding not only Gotham City, but the streets of Hollywood, as well. Spider-man will be around your friendly neighborhood, too…probably hanging out with Batman for the season of fright.

Politics is also an odd mix to the Halloween fever as famous politicians Sarah Palin and Barrack Obama are expected to be the main squeeze. They may not be scary (literally) enough for this season, but coming out as these political figures would absolutely earn some stares.

Hannah Montana, the queen of tweens, is an inspiration for costumes this year. Don’t be surprise when a bevy of little girls looking like Hannah Montana knock on your door for treats. Though definitely not a strange creature, Hannah Montana is a creative costume idea to gain some attention this Halloween.

Traditional costumes like witches, princess and boogieman are still in this ghostly season of November. From mythical animals, strange creatures, and fictional creatures of the night to the most Hollywood inspired, trendy costumes this Halloween 2008 is sure to give you a fright and some amount of fun alongside parties and booze.

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Victorias Secret Shock

Victorias Secret Shock