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Your Transportation In Tough Economic Times

Author: Larry R Lewis

   How is your transportation effected during these tough economic times? With the unemployment rate at record highs and the threat of more layoffs and business closings to come, new cars sales are way down. Even if you are lucky enough to have a job now, are you willing to take on a 48 or 60 month car note? If you are able and willing to buy a new car, what are some of the things that you need to take into consideration before buying. With the fluctuating gas prices, you might need to consider the MPG (miles per gallon) of the vehicles. Maybe a hybrid vehicle, would suit your driving needs and conditions. But do your homework on hybrids, find out about the batteries and their cost and how often they need to be replaced. Also most hybrids run on their electric power at speeds up to 35 mph. So if you do a lot of stop and go driving in heavy slow moving traffic most of the time, then hybrids might be your answer. But if most of your driving is done at speeds above 35 mph, and are mostly highway miles, then the extra money that you spend to get the hybrid over a conventional gas powered vehicle might not achieve the high gas mileage promised by the hybrid manufacturers. You might have to sacrifice the size of the vehicle and the number of passengers that it will carry for better gas mileage. Can you do without the extra space or seating that you are use to?


   But for the rest of us, who can’t or aren’t willing to buy a new vehicle. Maybe a used or pre-owned vehicle might be more economical than your current vehicle or transportation that you are using now. Many of the same considerations in purchasing a new vehicle also apply to buying a pre-owned vehicle. Can you pay cash, so that you don’t have to add a car-note to your current financial situation? If you must finance, you should shop for the best interest rates and a term length that fits your current monthly budget. You should always have a pre-owned vehicle checked out by a certified mechanic. They can advise you on any unseen problems or possible future problems, which would help you determine if that vehicle is a sound investment or not.


   If you are not in the position to buy another vehicle at this time, then that leaves you with your current transportation. Since the investment has already been made, has it been a good investment? Has it been dependable? Does it still run good? Does it still look good? If it is not as dependable as you need or want it to be, you need to consider investing in the maintenance of the engine, power train, transmission and other mechanical parts of your vehicle. If there are already mechanical problems, you should definitely have these issues corrected, so that they won’t possibly cause additional problems therefore adding to the current repair costs. Also you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on any preventative maintenance and the schedule to which, they should be performed. These recommendations are to help you get the maximum use and the minimal downtime due to unexpected repairs, which could be reduced or avoided, by following the recommended maintenance schedule. Also keep the proper air pressure in your tires and remove any unnecessary items in your vehicle or trunk. These also help improve your gas mileage. If your vehicle still looks new, inside and out, but the engine is wore out or about to wear out, you might need to consider having the engine rebuilt or replaced. This could cost more than most of your normal repairs, but compared to the cost of another vehicle, it could keep you in a great looking vehicle for a lot less.


   Your vehicle still runs good and the engine still has many good dependable miles left in it, but it is starting to look old and run down. You can pay to have it repainted, if you are not capable of doing it yourself. Your finish might still look good and it just needs to be washed and waxed regularly. Keeping it washed and waxed, also helps with your gas mileage, by reducing the friction and resistance of the air as it moves over the finish. You can clean and polish the interior, such as the seats, door panels, consoles and the dashboard. If the interior is starting to fade and is beyond cleaning, there are many products available correct or improve these conditions. There are Vinyl and Carpet dyes in aerosol spray cans, which can be used on practically everything inside of the vehicle. Carpets, headliners, seats, door panels, dashboards and many other interior parts can be made to look new again. Many companies offer stock colors for most vehicle interiors and some also custom match the particular colors of your vehicle. You might want to change to color of your current interior to a completely different color. Keep in mind that you can change the color from a light color to a darker color without any problem, but you may not be able to cover a dark color with a lighter color. This also relates to dark stains on light colors, so it is very important to clean and get out the stains the best you can before using the vinyl and carpet dyes. Also beware of the over-spray of the aerosol products, by taping off and covering anything that you don’t want the over-spray to get on. These are very user friendly and can give anyone professional results. Many detail shops already offer these services, if you are not the do-it-yourself type of person.


   Other options for transportation during these tough economic times include public transportation, such as buses, trains, subways and even taxis. Many people reduce their transportation costs by carpooling. Riding to work, church or other events together, taking turns driving. Also use carpooling when taking your children to school, sporting events and other activities involving your children. Carpooling has also become popular when taking business trips and vacations. With these ideas and suggestions, you should be able to make good decisions on your transportation needs. So drive safe and smart, and do what you have to do to get where you need to go.

About the Author:

About the author…

Larry R Lewis, co-founder of Custom Finishes, Inc. (http://www.customfinishes.com) since 1984. Custom Finishes, Inc. manufactures custom matched, aerosol spray paints, brush cap bottled paints, vinyl and carpet dyes, and camouflage paints. Our site includes informative articles and How-to guides on using aerosol spray paints and other paint related products.

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Velour Suit Size

Velour Suit Size