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Van Zeeland Handbag

Van Zeeland Handbag

Do You Have Attitude? Kathy Van Zeeland Handbags Sure Do!

Author: Anne P Jackson

Kathy Van Zeeland purses are loaded with attitude, style, durability and space for all of your “essentials”! Her handbags are for the young and the young at heart.

When asked who was my favorite handbag designer, the answer was a hands down, Kathy Van Zeeland. Kathy Bags offer me just the right touch of attitude that says “I’m here, I know what I want and like, and I’m going after it”! (In a nice way – really!)

I like a handbag that is roomy and Kathy Bags certainly offer plenty of room. There is either an inside or an outside pocket for all of my everyday necessities – like my camera, cellphone, iPod, credit cards in a big fat wallet. Sometimes I need a sippy cup for one of my “travelling companions” as well. It ALL fits in my favorite AND my second favorite Kathy Bag – with room to spare!

My Kathy Van Zeeland purses look great as well as being super functional. My favorite, the “Rock and Roll Buckle Belt Shopper” has been everywhere. It’s dragged to work with me every day and is constantly abused. It’s been through rain and snow, humidity and cold that would freeze a …… well, you get the point. It’s been through a lot and it STILL looks like new! That’s despite the Subway BMT that kinda sorta got loose in there too!

My second favorite Kathy Bag is the Angel Dust Handbag. It’s a little more “genteel” for when I want to impress myself – and others – with my sophistication. In other words, I use it when I’m out for a night on the town. It’s still roomy enough for everything I need when I go out, but is very stylish and feminine. All the Kathy Van Zeeland purses are feminine really.

These handbags can be whatever you want them to be. There are new collections coming out all the time and considering the quality of their manufacture are very reasonably well priced. You don’t need to sell your first born to own a Kathy Van Zeeland handbag. Not even your second born – they will fit well into almost any budget – yet you’ll look and feel like a bona fide Hollywood star when you carry one. (That is, as long as you leave the sippy cup at home).

Kathy Van Zeeland handbags come in more than black and white too. There is a humungeous variety of patterns, colors and fabrics to choose from. I’m sure there’s a Kathy bag just waiting to be taken home by you and every woman who cares to.

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Van Zeeland Handbag
Van Zeeland Handbag
Van Zeeland Handbag

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