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Update Club Tee

Ping Golf Club Clones

Author: James E Obrien

Do these golf club knock offs
play like the real deal?

Check out Pinemeadow ZR1 Irons. These Ping clones are great golf clubs and downright cheap.

Ping golf clubs are the best and Ping is one of the world’s premier golfing brands. The originals are designed and engineered by Ping Golf. While they are some of the finest golf clubs on the planet, they are not cheap clubs.

If you want to find Ping features in a discount golf club, one option is Ping golf club clones. These cheap golf clubs are made by several manufacturers who practically duplicate the Ping engineering features as part of their manufacturing process. While they do not carry the Ping brand, they certainly have the look and feel of Ping golf clubs.

While this may be a relatively new phenomena to the golfing world, this is exactly what the Japanese did to the American automobile
industry a few decades ago. How many of you who are reading the article on golf club clones own a Japanese car? While many consider clones golf club knock offs, they still perform like the real thing.

As the brand manufacturers keep changing and updating their products, so do the golf club clone companies. In 2007, Ping introduced its new line of Rapture golf clubs. The Ping Rapture series driver combines titanium and carbon fibers to create a driver that is long and quite forgiving off the tee. The club head is weighted and balanced to produce a high launch trajectory with minimal spin.

The clone golf club manufacturers were not far behind and soon drivers with the same Ping features were selling online and even in some retail outlets. The same strategy used in the Ping Rapture driver held for Ping woods and Ping irons. Ping has upgraded their Ping G5 series to the Ping G10. Great buys are still available for Ping G5 clones. Purchasing a clone of a just discontinued model allows anyone looking for discount golf equipment to save even more money on the older clone models. This is the ultimate in cheap golf equipment.

The ZR1 irons golf club clones are now available from our friends at Pinemeadow. They call their Ping iron clones the ZR1. These irons feature an undercut cavity and multi-tier mass replacement system that balances the club weight in the Ping style.

You can design your own club by selecting orientation, shaft, length and flex, grip, lie and even shaft orientation. The attractive club design is a beautiful shot preen finish. This golf club clone is perfect for middle and high handicap golfers.

The Ping clone golf club fairway woods and irons also have a low weight distribution for a high launch and maximum distance.

There are some differences in the engineering and manufacture of these discount golf knock offs. If not, the clone golf club manufacturers would be spending more time in court than on the clone manufacturing floor. While the design and features are basically the same, the materials differ. While the Ping golf club may be titanium and a carbon composite, the ping clones may just have a titanium head. This difference is much more important to the PGA pro of low handicap golfer than to your average weekend player.

Ping also has a line of ladies golf clubs and yes, you can most certainly find ladies golf club clones. One can even have custom clones made. This is probably the height of discount golf knock offs.

In the day of high energy prices, saving a little money on discount golf equipment may be a good financial strategy. And it probably won’t affect your game.

If you liked this article, you can learn more about ping clone golf clubs and get discounted prices on clone golf clubs by visiting Golf Club Clones

About the Author:

James O’Brien is the president of The Jamison Group, Inc. and an avid golfer. He has golfed extensively in America and Asia. He has an interest, not only in golf’s history. but in the technical developments that have greatly changed the game in the last several years. O’Brien also is the web master for http://www.golfequipmentandtips.com, a web site devoted to providing Detailed Information, Discounted Golf Equipment.Free Golf Tips to all golfers at every level. To learn more about golf swing training aids and purchase Medicus Dual Hinge Drivervisit our web site.

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Update Club Tee

Update Club Tee

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