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Under Armour Running

Under Armour Running

Understanding the Importance of Motocross Body Armour

Author: Guy Draper

Whether you are an experienced motocross rider, or just about to get into the exciting world of motor sport, choosing the correct motocross body armour is essential for your safety while riding.

Of course, motocross body armour isn’t the only thing that will keep you safe, high quality and correctly sized elbow pads, knee pads, kidney belts and a helmet will also keep you safe when you have an ‘off’. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure”, so protect yourself before your first accident, while you are still intact! It is difficult to repair broken bones and injuries you acquire over the years are sure to come back and haunt you as you get older.

I will give you a quick example, it was a ride I had quite a while ago now, but I still remember it to this day:

I had been riding for about 4 years and I was having a friendly race with a riding buddy. As he accelerated he chucked up a stone, half the size of a brick, which smashed into my Motocross Body Armour. Needless to say that was $90 down the drain, which I wasn’t pleased about, as it was brand new. What I took away from that day though, was how essential and important it is to purchase and wear body armour, the brick would have shattered my ribs to pieces.

The same friend I was riding with, did not ever wear body armour, not even the soft foam protectors to save him from a roost. About 9 months after my incident, he collided with another motocross rider half way through a race, wrapping himself round a tree, coming to a stop, only to be clattered by his own machine. Because he wasn’t wearing any motocross body armour, he ended up with a broken collarbone and seven broken ribs! He wears motocross body armour now! He was lucky, over the years I have seen any number of limbs punctured by a flailing handlebar.

To be fair now though, any respectable club which is running races should not let any rider enter without some form of body armour, but the number of people I see at farms and tracks without adequate protection is frightening.

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Under Armour Running

Under Armour Running

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