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Keeping a Travel Journal

Travel Journal

Traveling is a passion of mine and I believe it is to most Americans as well. I think the further away you get from a vacation the better the memory is. The bad experience at the ticket counter has left your mind, you have forgotten about that argument you got in with a family member that was about nothing. What comes from your trip is a great memory of being on vacation.

I keep a travel journal. Every night of my vacation I take thirty minutes to sit down and write about our entire day.

I think about every detail and write about them. I describe the restaurant we went to that day, people that we met, the favorite outfit I wore and every small detail in-between.

I look back at my journals and read them and think about all of the small details that were important that I had forgotten about. One detail I recently forgot about was that when we went to a restaurant at a Sandals Resort, the waiters wore white gloves. Everyone has heard of “white glove service” and we received it.

I will cut out a ticket or voucher and tape it to one of the pages. It’s an easy inexpensive way to keep a scrapbook along with your travel memories.

I have a personal dream of living on the beach. I always bring Coastal Living with me to read while I am lying on the beach. At the end of the day I will cut words out of it and glue them to the pages of my journal. My most recent one says… “One day I will live on the beach.”

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Travel Journal
Travel Journal
Travel Journal

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