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Thomas the Tank Engine: a Children’s Classic

Author: Toys Direct

Thomas the Tank Engine has been delighting children for over fifty years. First published as the Railway Series by the Reverend W. Awdry, there are over forty books completing the tale of Thomas and his friends. Reverend W. Awdry wrote the first twenty-six books in the series while his son, Christopher Awdry, has completed the additional chapters. The Reverend W. Awdry crafted the tales of Thomas the Tank Engine, basing them on his own personal experiences, and audibly told them to his son, Christopher. while he was growing up. The stories not only delighted Christopher, but children around the world as well. In 1984, the reach of Thomas the Tank Engine spread through a new media outlet when the television show “Thomas and Friends” went into production. Known for the many different professional narrators, such as Ringo Starr and Alec Baldwin, Thomas the Tank Engine continues to be endeared to the hearts of children worldwide.

Thomas has introduced a number of lovable characters that children have grown to love over the years. Most notably, some of Thomas’ character friends include Gordon, Edward, Henry, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Diesel, Emily, Lady, Oliver, Boco, and many more. These characters compose the Steam Team and Thomas is the lead train on the railway. As children continue to make Thomas a part of their childhood experience, they also grow fond of the other main characters in the series.

There is no doubt that Thomas the Tank Engine toys, figurines, and other Thomas items are readily accepted by children everywhere. Most notably are toy Thomas train sets. These are the perfect item for children as many love to spend countless hours playing with their train sets. Playing with toy train sets is a wonderful outlet for creative and imaginary play. Thomas is an easily recognizable and friendly character that makes the train set more personable to young children.

When choosing Thomas the Tank Engine train sets there are several options to choose from. First, there are the battery operated train sets that allow children the option of seeing their train operate in a highly movable manner. Battery operated sets provide plenty of fun and enjoyment and young children are particularly delighted to see their own set of Thomas and friends traveling the railway. Wood sets are also extremely popular as well as durable. It’s important to choose the set that you feel best meets your child’s needs and will withstand to vigorous hours of play. Wooden sets are designed to last throughout the many stages of your child’s life and will withstand rigorous use and play.

There are numerous characters associated with Thomas the Tank Engine and the Railway Series and children easily find a character to identify with. From movies DVDs, and audio recordings to toy train sets, plush characters, and furniture accessories Thomas is one of the most beloved children’s character worldwide. Due to Thomas’ popularity, Thomas the Tank Engine train sets make perfect children’s gifts for any occasion. Choosing characters that children are fond of to add to the train set will ensure that the set is regarded as one of the child’s most treasured playthings.


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Training Tank Top

Training Tank Top

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