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Training Sports Bra

Training Sports Bra

Bras, Bust And Knickers!

Author: Caroline Husbands

Just because your underwear is more often than not hidden from sight it does not mean that you can get away with wearing ill fitting and unpresentable garments.   These can totally ruin the look and shape of even your most expensive outfits.    Investing in a range of different bras and knickers to suit the various necklines and outfits you possess is an absolute essential.  A halter-neck, backless, strapless or sports bra should easily cover most eventualities whilst smooth, well-shaped undies that fit properly and streamline your curves will avoid the dreaded VPL (visible panty line).   Correctly fitting underwear ensures that both you and your outfits look your best at all times.  Good underwear can also help to improve your posture, pull in your waist, flatten your stomach and lift your bust.  Equally, by choosing properly fitting knickers your hips and bottom can take on a smoother outline.

Despite repeated reminders to get our bra size measured regularly by a professionally qualified lingerie consultant, at least 70% of women in the UK are still wearing incorrectly sized bras.   Any good lingerie store should offer a free fitting service as well as advice on the best underwear for your clothes.

A bra is an important investment since it provides essential support as well as creating the foundation for your outfit.  However, there are several situations when a bra might not be working correctly.  For example, if it’s uncomfortable and you can’t wait to take it off when you get home then it’s probably the wrong size or maybe the underwire is coming out and digging into your flesh.  You may find it is cutting into your breastbone due to the straps being too tight or too small or, alternatively, you may have sore red marks on your shoulders indicating that your bra is not supportive enough.  The back of your bra should sit in the middle of your back. If it does not or if it rides up then it is probably too big and your breasts are not being supported correctly.

With today’s huge choice, there should be no excuse for not being able to find a cut and fit of knickers that’s right for you.   There are a few basic styles to invest in to ensure that you always look sleek and smooth without the need for ‘going commando’.  Always remember to put on flesh-coloured underwear if you are wearing white or more see-through outfits.  For really tight-fitting clothes a g-string may be appropriate to avoid VPL and boy-style shorts are excellent in achieving a smooth line under figure hugging skirts.  

For further advice on which is the best underwear for you, a visit to your local department store or style consultant is recommended.  Alternatively, you could book a full style consultation with an image consultant who is trained in finding the right styles for you.

About the Author:

Caroline Husbands is a Senior Image Consultant with Colour Me Beautiful, Europe’s leading image consultancy. Services include colour analysis, Style advice and make-up lessons.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Bras, Bust And Knickers!

Training Sports Bra

Training Sports Bra

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