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Slinky Style Makes its Mark in the Gucci Python Tote

Author: Tommy Martin

Wow. If there were any concerns about this year’s Gucci handbag line falling off the radar, the Gucci Sukey Large Python Tote has reared its head and delivered a bite to get everyone’s attention. Equal parts fun and functional, this delightfully reptilian Gucci purse combines richly textured snakeskin with conservative brown leather trim to create a visually arresting combination.

Never owned a snakeskin purse before? Here’s the perfect opportunity to break into cutting-edge style. Some purses and accessories try to do snakeskin but fall short, with the fabric appearing too shiny or artificial. Not so with the Python tote—the warm, rich python scales are artfully blended to create a wearable work of art, with a range of gorgeous earth tones and a decadent feel that begs to be touched.

In addition to the obvious chic style, I also love the Sukey’s overall structure. This is a Gucci purse that works as good as it looks. The oversized bag has just the right amount of “slouch” to it—although it’s sturdy enough to stand independently, it’s also flexible enough to take whatever you can throw into it, whether that’s makeup, wallets, planners, or a change of baby clothes. And the depth is perfect, allowing you to easily access items without spending valuable time digging. The double leather shoulder straps ensure carrying comfort, hitting at just the right length for those who prefer a bit of a high carry.

And the bells and whistles don’t hurt, either. The folks at Gucci thought of everything when they designed the Python Tote: the hand-folded pleats, the upscale gold-plated hardware, the Gucci logo key chain, and the sumptuous brown leather trim all add to the undeniable appeal of this avant-garde bag. Rarely has chic been so practical.
Wonderfully simple, functional enough for everyday use, yet striking enough to stop strangers in their tracks, the Gucci Sukey Large Python Tote is everything a girl could want in snakeskin—and more. The only potential caveat? The price. Retailing at more than $3,000, the genuine Gucci purse is a definite budget-buster for most consumers—unless you choose to purchase a high-quality replica Gucci handbag.

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Tote Purse Leather
Tote Purse Leather
Tote Purse Leather

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