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Tote Hobo Bag

Tote Hobo Bag

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Handbag styles are now very diversified and they fall in and out of trend quite frequently. Though handbag is not one of the key components of your outfit, it still affects your overall outlook as much as a pair of shoes, jeans or blouse. Choosing the suitable and appropriate handbag goes beyond just the matching colors. There are quite a few things to consider, such as shape, size and length of the handbag. Here I will explain on how these factors will influence the impact a handbag has on you.


Handbag is something different from clothing, where it stands out from your body figure. This makes the shape of a handbag important that can have such a powerful visual impact. Try to get one that is exact opposite of what your body type is. This is to complement your body type. If you are short, get a handbag that is taller to enhance your vertical look. A vertical handbag not only makes you look taller but it also helps you look slimmer, since it directs the viewer’s eyes on the vertical rather than on the horizontal. On the other hand, if you are tall and thin, you might want to get a rounder handbag.


The other factor to consider when shopping for a handbag is the size of the handbag. If you are small and thin, try not to carry huge bags that will look disproportionate to your body. On the other hand, if you have a few extra pounds, you might not want to stress that with a bag that is barely visible and seems more like a toy rather than a real handbag.


The length of the handles is also important, medium sized handles work best in all cases. In general, long handles and a vertically oriented handbag make you look slimmer.

Handbag Types

There are several handbag types that you can choose from.

Hobo bags are popular shoulder bags that offer a nice round shape and a lot of interior room.

Satchels are large handled bags that offer a lot of room but are less elegant.

Clutch bag, which is very small and fancy, mostly used for eveningwear and other special occasions.

Duffle bag takes us back to the larger sized category, while

Field bag is sportier and is a flap top shoulder bag.

Hermes style bags are structured in shape and they have select closures that are intentionally visible.

Tote handbags are highly popular. They have handles or straps, depending on the model, and are open top bags.

Messenger style bags are mostly shoulder bags and are usually worn across the body.

There is one final element to consider when shops for handbags: Will this handbag suit your lifestyle? Do not get an elegant and fragile bag if you are used to carry a lot of stuff in it and going through subway traffic everyday. Make the choice that will complement your life style in the best way and make the most out of enjoying your shopping experience.

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Tote Hobo Bag
Tote Hobo Bag
Tote Hobo Bag

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