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The Secret To Women Black Hair Care Secrets- Ways To Grow Black Hair Long And Strong

Author: rob maraby

A concern among women with black or African hair is how does one use oil? Should your black hair be wet or dry?

The first question to ask is what hair oil are you using and what do you want from the oil?

There are many hair oils out there for black hair but they are not all created equal

In my opinion you need oil that does the following

  • Stop hair loss
  • Prevent dandruff
  • Moisturise your black hair
  • Stop itchy scalp conditions
  • Give the hair shine and volume

In my opinion the best women black hair oil is Mira hair oil because it does all the above

Women black hair care secrets tip #1 with Mira hair oil you can use the oil in both wet and dry hair. The Mira hair oil is a very light oil and it serves as a barrier between any heat application and your precious black hair.  The best way to use the oil though is to apply the oil on the scalp and allow it to soak into the scalp for an hour and then you wash it off

And when your hair is wet you can put a little bit of the oil as a moisturizer. After you straighten your hair, you can put some of the Mira hair oil as a shine or sheen agent

And every time you want to straighten your black hair you simply use the hair oil treatment or deep condition so that your hair stays healthy, moist and healthy

Plus because the oil is al natural and does it all to your hair you don’t have to use tons of products which are the cause of all your hair problems to begin with.

Do not apply any oil on your black hair because if you put the oil before you straighten your hair it will burn, get damaged and you will get dry brittle. Always the oil afterward to your hair for shine

Create sort of like a smoke and that will damage your hair (you don’t want that to happen), so it best to apply oil sheen…afterwards

another women black hair care secret is to wash your hair apply the oil to it when it is damp then you can dry your hair then wrap set it- this will make it shiner and give it more volume

Here is a summary of my women black hair care secrets

In short here is what you need to do with Mira hair oil for great black hair results

Step 1- take a shower and do not shampoo your hair, simply condition it
step two you want to towel dry your hair

Next apply some Mira hair oil to make your hair easier to style

You can now straighten small sections of your black hair at a time an d spay your hair with hair spray.
Now you can straighten your black hair, when done you can start spraying shine-spray which is like hairspray but ads shine to hair.
Now you can enjoy your straight black hair look!

About the Author:

Rob Maraby is the author of over 25 self published books on health, beauty and marketing! Try Mira hair oil for Free click here and you will not be disappointed black hair care secrets

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – The Secret To Women Black Hair Care Secrets- Ways To Grow Black Hair Long And Strong

Top Womens Black

Top Womens Black

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