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How to Recognize Real Thai Silk

Author: Michael DeVries

You might be interested in buying Thai silk, 100% pure silk, but don’t know how to see the difference between real and fake silk. You got to know that there is a lot of fake Thai silk, in the markets, which are made of polyester. Here are a few guidelines to help you find only real silk.

First of all, there is a big difference in price, as real Thai silk, is expensive. The fake silk will cost a few hundred baht, which means probably around $10. If you look at real silk however, you will find that prices can go to a few thousand baht in Thailand, which can easily run in to the hundreds of dollars ($100’s) once you find them hanging in major “name brand” department and/or specialty clothing stores in the United States. But some vendors might be a bit unscrupulous and try to charge the high price in hope that you won’t recognize the fake silk, so there are other ways that you can use to verify if it is real.

This one is important, as some shoppers might get confused about it and make a mistake. You should verify the weave of the fabric. Thai silk will have small flaws in the thread, since it is handmade and nothing can be perfect. While a silk made from polyester is made by machine, so there will be no flaws, it will look perfect. Many people get confused that way and think that real silk would be perfect; it is not in fact it’s the fake that will look perfect.

Next is the luster of the material. The way real Thai silk is made is to ensure it has unique colors and blends. If you hold real Thai silk to the light, it will always look different according to the angle you hold it. Meanwhile imitation silk will always look white when you hold it in the light.

Finally, you can look at the print to find out any fake silk. You will see that the pattern is printed only on one side. The other side you will see the outline of the print. When you test the luster of the silk by putting it in the light, only the side where it is printed will change color, not the other side. With polyester, you will find that both sides are different; one side has the printed pattern, while the other has plain colors. When in the light, both sides will be white.

So it is very easy to find out if the silk you intend to buy is fake or real. But if you plan on buying from the Internet, make your research well before purchasing to make sure the company is honest, since you cannot see the Thai silk in person. You can look for reviews of the site, ask them some questions about their source of Thai silk and look for customer feedback. So now you won’t get tricked anymore into buying fake Thai silk, as you know how to recognize the real one.

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