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Tennis Golf Skort

Tennis Golf Skort

The Green And Fairways Golf Fashion

Author: Jim Brown

For every sport there are certain equipments designated for it. Gears like body hugging spandex are good for biking since it lessens the drag brought by loose clothing. For volleyball, the players should wear shorts that do not touch the knee so it would be easier for them to dive and dig spikes. Golf like any other sport also has its proper dress codes. Though golf maybe an expensive sport, this does not mean that you would go out on a limb and starve yourself to death because all the money you’ve got was used for buying designer clothes for golfing.

Golf is dubbed as an executive sport so it is a sport that requires casual wear. Most golf courses require a dress code for golfers and even their caddies. Printed and plain t-shirts as well as jeans are a common no-no in golf courses. Golfers are required to wear collared shirts when playing and this includes the women.

Since there are a lot of collared shirts in the market and there is no specified material of cloth so any would do. But be wary of silky shirts since this does not absorb sweat and it tends to stick unto the body; this might cause discomfort and can alter your form and swing. A good material for the right golf shirt is cotton, since cotton is light and cool. It can also absorb sweat so it will not stick to the body.

Since jeans are not allowed on golf courses, pants that are polyester in material are a good choice. Loose fitting comfortable pants are the best choices since these give you the freedom to move and twist around without restricting your body. Wear pants that have deep pockets so you could keep the tee pegs inside and they won’t keep on falling.

Another alternative to pants are polyester shorts. This can be very comfortable in hot weather because it gives a lot of breathing room for the legs. For the ladies an alternative for pants is the skort (short and skirt in one) and dress skirts. Shorts that are too short are a big no-no.

Most people perceive to buy rubber shoes that could be used for all types of sports. But there is no such thing as an all sports shoes. Cross-trainers, running and tennis shoes are never the best shoes to wear on golf courses. These types of shoes tend to be slippery on the damp turf. This might be the cause of an injured back or a slip while taking a swing at the ball. Only use reliable golf shoes that are comfortable to walk with since this pair will be worn for about 3-4 hours. Now, that is a lot of walking.

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Tennis Golf Skort

Tennis Golf Skort

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