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Golf Clothes: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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All sport has changed vastly over the last century, for better or for worse. One thing in particular that has come a long way is sports kit and clothing, with ever more emphasis being put on what players are wearing during their sport.

Of all sports however, the one most criticised for its approach to clothes and fashion is golf – and for good reason too! The heavy burden of tradition definitely slows progress in any area and, of all sports; golf is the one most buried in out-dated ideals. The most obvious of these is the demand for players to wear smart clothing, despite the obvious fact that what looked smart then looks ridiculous now! Luckily, golf has swayed slightly and allows modern players to wear clothes that are considered to look good in modern society – but naturally this doesn’t always guarantee that they will! In this article I investigate the good, the bad and the ugly of recent golf clothing.

The Good

The offering from Camilo Villegas in golf.com’s gallery of the Top 10 Best Dressed Golfers is simple, themed and understated, but has a little splash of funk and originality. Comprising of all navy blue, except for a bright orange belt; this outfit reminds us that what we wear on and off the pitch need not be like a punch in the face in order to be different. Accessories like belts, caps and sweatbands help distinguish a player’s look, without making a massive song and dance in the process. Camilo’s golf clothes are smart, stylish and not attention-seeking…unlike his bizarre Spiderman putting-routine, for which I can only imagine he requires 50% lycra trousers.

The Bad

In stark contrast to the above humble statement of individuality, stands the incredible example of confusion displayed by Ian Poulter displayed by the Johnnie Walker Classic article from In Golf We Trust Despite sharing the same “Go with an orange accessory” technique as Villegas, in the form of an orange sun-visor, Ian Poulter – as well known for his fashion mishaps as for his golfing prowess – has added a blinding gold shirt and “dark-chocolate” trousers into the mix. Why he has done so is a mystery, unless he was actually intending to clash like an Iggy Pop themed Bratz doll. To give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he wasn’t planning on wearing a hat on the day, but found the Indian sunlight too much and had to borrow one from a friend. Given his history, I think it’s safe to assume that looking different is more important to Ian than looking good – so he’s definitely succeeding there! Don’t try this at home.

The Ugly

Finally we have the ensemble presented by the late Payne Stewart in Bars and Pars Golf Society’s Top 10 Fashion Disasters an awkward combination of what appear to be a rugby shirt and socks, accentuated with a jogging bottoms/flat-cap combination that seems slightly out of place on a golf course, since he isn’t playing rugby, jogging or…shooting game. Or so I assume!
To be fair to the man, the pose doesn’t help. After all, it does seem to closely mirror the means by which Ian Poulter probably came by his trousers. At least the colours match. In short; this choice of clothes is almost as Payneful as this pun.

So there you have it; the good, the bad and the ugly of golf clothes. Speaking of which, you may be interested to know that Mr. Eastwood actually has his very own brand of golf clothing; “not merely a collection of clothing. Tehama is truly inspired by the life of an American icon.” I’m not sure exactly what kind of life inspires golf clothing, but I hadn’t put Clint’s down as one of them – how wrong I was!

Of course, when one reads further into the website, one discovers that what they actually mean by “inspired by the life of Clint Eastwood” is “created by Clint Eastwood”…and what they mean by “created by Clint Eastwood” is “created by Nancy Haley”, who explains that “When I design the men’s line, I do it in Clint’s image”. So – Tehama is a brand of golf clothes, created with Clint Eastwood in mind. Hooray!

Apparently “Tehama” is a Native American word meaning “abundance of nature” – you know; that thing we took from them and destroyed? With this pseudo-philosophy in mind, it’s no surprise that the company’s sales topped $11 million in 1999; I’m sure Sitting Bull would be proud. According to the website, Tehama clothing is classic 1940s style that has been updated to fit the new millennium mindset; which, as far as I’m aware, is that the 1940s were a terrible time all fashion, golf especially (unless, of course, “classic” is a Native American word meaning “made without eyes”).

About the Author:

Olek Gannon is a fashion designer and expert, specialising in golf clothes. For more information on golf clothing, please visit http://www.direct-golf.co.uk

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Golf Clothes: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Tehama Nancy Haley

Tehama Nancy Haley