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Fitness Yoga Workout

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Yoga Booty Ballet– Not Your Typical Yoga Workout Author: Tiffany Brunskole A yoga workout does not have to be boring. Especially not with the workout series Yoga Booty Ballet. These series of workouts combine yoga poses along with body shaking moves and booty sculpting that will make you anything but bored during your workouts. This […]

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Core Athletic Sport

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Sports’ Training Author: Maddie Sports’ training refers to specialized strategies and methods of exercise used in various sports to develop athletes and prepare them for performing in sporting events. To perform at your best you must develop excellent sport-specific fitness skills. Sports’ training is all about developing physical conditions to improve performance and skills at […]

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Fitness Workout Yoga

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The Benefits Of Using Pilates In Your Home Fitness Workouts Author: Jim Johnson Oftentimes workouts at home tend to focus on aerobic and strength training exercises in order to improve physical conditioning, and there is no doubt that such a program can be effective for many. But another key ingredient of physical health can go […]

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Yoga Work Out

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Does yoga work as a good replacement for a cardio work out? I don’t really have the time and patients to run anymore because my stamina requires me to spend an hour on the track just to sweat a little so i don’t get a full workout with the physical damage that comes with it. […]

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Running Yoga Workout

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How to squeeze a 45 mins of running and stretching(or yoga) workout? I am a guy at 5′ 8 and 70kgs(154 lbs). I hit the gym most days in a week. Though I developed my arms and shoulders, my waist is 34 inches and have fat on my thighs. I would like to start running […]

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Yoga Gym Workout

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Finding Tools to Keep Workout Fun Author: Derek Cladek Once you have gotten back into working out, it is important to find ways to keep your workouts fun. This could entail diversifying a workout DVD collection, introducing new workout equipment, or even joining a gym. Workouts from companies like Ultimate Fitness Gear offer a lot […]

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