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Mock Neck Top

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What kinda outfit should I wear to a trial? Im a witness? My SADD chapter is having a mock trial and I’m a witness. I have to wear a skirt or dress and all I have is a black knee length pencil skirt and a kinda springy dress halter top. I have a black turtle […]

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Womens Tank Top

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Women And Their Tank Tops Author: Mary Lorainne Tanks tops are a popular staple in any woman’s closet. In fact, you can see kids and even teenagers sporting them around in funky designs and with fancy embellishments. These tank tops are great for the hot summer weather because they are very comfortable and very light […]

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Shorts Shirt Top

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History of the T-shirt Author: T-Shirt Magazine Who started wearing t-shirts and how did they become so cool? It all started in the early 1900s durring WWI. U.S. soldiers realized the Europeans had comfortable looking cotton shirts on and they figured those must be much better than the wool uniforms they were wearing. Next thing […]

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Dress Skirt Under

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Wrap Skirt Author: Misha Ghosh Have you ever thought of having a Dress Skirt or Wrap Skirt which is exclusive and only 1 Piece manufactured? That means you are the exclusive owner of that Wrap Skirt. Neighbors envy owner’s Pride. It can turn many heads. Some call them Magic Wrap Skirts.   Wrap Skirt does […]

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