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Double Dry Semi

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Do you know what double eyelid glue is? WHY IS IT SO HARD TO USE? i watched a few videos, and they don’t help. i let the glue dry then i start poking it in, “my lashes get stuck onto the glue”. i tried double layering it, same issue, or even semi dry, same issue […]


Power Dri Fit

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Dry Roses With Your Microwave Author: Valerie Garner Drying roses with this method is fairly easy, and they turn out beautiful. Mine usually are mistaken for being freeze dried roses. First you’ll need a microwave safe bowl, one big enough that the entire rose will fit completely into. Next you’ll need silica gel, which can […]


Womens White Small

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Black white dating is here to stay Author: Ria Rodriguez Black white dating should not be judged even by those who feel that races should not mix. And for those who feel interracial dating should be forbidden, one thing they need to realize is that we now live in a world where race, age and […]

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Dri Fit Power

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How to Make Your Own Solar Powered Winter Garage Heater Author: Xavier Tikadar Whilst a lot of people do have electricity in their own garages and sheds, heat can be an issue throughout winter. However you can take advantage of the sunny days of winter and use solar power from the sun to produce heat […]