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Ralph Lauren Polo

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How can I tell if my Ralph Lauren polo is real? I have a polo that I got for my birthday. I DO own some Ralph Lauren polos and I’m a big fan of Ralph. This polo doesn’t feel quite like my other Ralph’s. I know that Ralph polos are make with pre shrunk fabric […]

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Polo Shirt White

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I accidently wash a white with black stripe polo shirt with a red blouse need to get rid of the pink color? Hi everyone.. Hopefully someone can help me. I Washed my husband white polo shirt with black stripes with a red blouse. And ofcourse the shirt will have pink stains from the red blouse. […]

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Tennis Polo Shirt

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Lacoste Polo Shirts – the Rise of the Croc Author: Darrell Freeman Lacoste now days seems one of the most popular designer clothing brands. Lacoste polo shirts have been in massive demand since the turn of the century and are still many stores’ best sellers. However Lacoste was never designed to become such a popular […]

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Golf Long Shirt

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Branding for Golf Tournaments Author: Frank Tecca When on a golf course or watching a golf tournament one might notice many branded products. Imprinted golf towels, shirts, visors, caps and golf bags are some of the more popular promotional items seen at golf tournaments. The main point to consider when branding for a golf tournament […]

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Golf Polo Shirt

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Polo Shirt as Marketing Tool Author: JayPowers It can also acts as a great gift or corporate souvenir for their guests. Moreover, with the availability of company’s polo shirt it would enable their employees to wear these shirts freely or at a certain day of the week during working hours. As it would be more […]

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Polo Golf Shirt

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Finding A Pro Golf Shirt Author: Dane Stanton There are many different kinds of golf shirts available to buy and it can become overwhelming trying to choose the right one for you. This article will discuss everything there is to know about golf shirts, including some of the best places to buy them and other […]

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