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Tennis Skirt Dress

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What is a Well-Dressed Woman Author: Eloise Curry Designer Coco Chanel first dressed her elegant clientele in suits in the 1930’s.  When Hollywood beckoned, her influence spread far beyond the couturier world.  On screen and off, women began wearing suits.  The “Chanel Suit,” which evolved during the fifties, has since become a classic. The skirt […]

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Black Size Large

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Emerging Trend: Large Lcd Monitors For Surveillance And Security Author: Shaikh Mohammed Meraj Increasingly video-based surveillance and security systems are being widely adopted by both corporations and consumers primarily due to increasing need for surveillance in these turbulent times but also due to affordability of security systems, ease with which surveillance systems can be installed […]

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Tennis Skirt Tank

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Cheerleading Uniform Author: Himfr guide hook This is the uniform outfit worn by cheerleading squads usually indicative of the mascot, school, and/or colors of the team and/or organization they are representing. Cheerleading uniforms in the early 1900s were a steadfast symbol of the schools they represented, usually depicting the first letter of a high school […]

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Tennis Skirt Top

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Learning Ping Pong On A Budget Through Table Tennis Video Clips Author: Mario R. Churchill Nearly all sports have their instructional videos. Basketball videos can teach you how to shoot a ball into a hoop while evading oncoming opponents; soccer videos can instruct you how to kick a ball into a goal while skirting fearlessly […]

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Suit Size Large

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Choosing the Right Ghillie Suit Author: Tyler Farrens So you want to buy a ghillie suit? Your friend has one, and you’ve heard that ghillie suits are the ultimate in camouflage apparel. Still, you would like to learn more about these cloaks of invisibility before you jump in and buy one. If so, you have […]

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Sports Bra Size

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The Sports Bra As Part Of Womens Apparel Author: Low Jeremy Studies show that 75 to 80% of women in the United States do not use the right bra when working out. This is because these people believe that the same thing worn in the office can also be used in a physical activity. This […]

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