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Athletic Top Size

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Fashion For The Full Size Woman Author: Pierre Perissel It is an open secret that most women are not size two and they are not six feet tall. And yet, the tiny percentage of the population who conforms to those dimensions seems to be the target of the fashion industry. Rarely do you see fashion […]

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Fit Base Layer

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Adidas Tech fit – base layer? I’m thinking about buying the adidas techfit base layer shorts and short sleeve top, the new power web version, does anybody recommend it or have anything they have to say about it? i just wodnerred if anyone had any opinions because its allot of money to spend. cheers yes […]

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Ski Snowboard Jacket

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How much should I pay for a ski /snowboard jacket? I need a waterproof jacket for hitting the slopes. Should I spend the money to get a nice jacket at a sporting goods store? I paid $50 for a Body Glove jacket on sale. Do I need a jacket like that or can I get […]

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Dry Fit Running

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I’m looking for custom dry fit shirts for a marathon…? Running NYC with family and we want to order custom “team” dry fit shirts. Any suggestions? Since its a one time family run, I suggest go to Target and get champion brand dri fit shirts (make sure get same colors/sizes according to their fit) and […]

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Athletic Shorts Size

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Customized Athletic Promotional Items: School Spirit Ideas for Booster Clubs and Athletic Departments Author: Jenny Schweyer   Customized athletic promotional items are fabulous for boosting school spirit and pumping up a crowd for the big game.  Booster Clubs and school athletics departments looking for ideas to generate fan support often turn to customized athletic promotional […]

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Running Shorts Large

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Reading the Large Print: Bigger is Better in the Digital-age Author: Elisha Burberry It’s now over 500 years since German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press, enabling the mass-production of literature and other texts through the medium of print. Indeed, such was the influence of Gutenberg’s design, that in 1997 it was voted […]

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