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Pilates Dance Fitness

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Pilates workout: Fit, strong, and flexible Author: jamiehanson Pilates is mainly a form of exercise which includes restricted and flexible movements of the body. You require to focus on respiring patterns while doing Pilates in order to attain the desired results. You need to pay a lot of concentration on how your body works out […]

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Athletic Work Out

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Why Power Training is Essential to Becoming a Faster Athlete Author: David Horne Maximum power is trained when the athlete works in a range of between 95-100% of their maximum intensity. All too often athletes perform these power training drills at a low intensity thus defeating the purpose of overloading the muscles and maximizing you […]

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Yoga Pilates Gym

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Pilates and Pregnancy Author: Yvonne Corilla Continue with an exercise program can be difficult when you are pregnant, and can be completely avoided, especially during the first trimester when you may feel nausea and fatigue. An easy way to stay active with Pilates, a mind / body exercise method that strengthens the most important muscles […]

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Fitness Sports Gym

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Fitness, Sports Equipment and Exercise Machines Author: Luigi Castagna Exercise has been proven to increase overall health, give one more energy and longevity. In today’s fast paced world, people are turning more and more to using exercise machines to maintain their bodies. Some go to gyms where they have access to a wide variety of […]

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Tennis Yoga Run

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Has anyone tried out Yoga/Pilates and how has it helped you? I am looking for something to help my flexibility. I work out a lot and run and play tennis but I have always been really inflexible. The older I get, the more problems with next day soreness that causes. How much does Yoga and […]

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Fitness Workout Exercise

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Fitness Workouts: 3 Misconceptions You Need to Know about Author: Jeff Anderson So you’ve finally decided to put a check mark beside “Go to the gym” or some other version of it on your list of New Year’s resolutions from five years ago. Congratulations! Now that you’ve taken that all-important step, it’s important that you […]

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