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Vera Bradley Mesa

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Is this a real vera bradley? I want to know if this is a real vera bradley…. the answer right above me is wrong, because that is a whole different pattern she brought up but as far as you or i can see, it looks real and it’s got the tag and its got […]

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Vera Bradley Pink

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Vera Bradley Backpacks To Suit All Styles Author: guccishoes The closure is fairly fastened and you don’t ever have to unease about your objects declining out! The backsack comes in the backsack. The fair bird back sack and trend situation pink flowery patterns fashion statements for you as the name implies- it is a sack […]

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Vera Bradley Purse

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Vera Bradley Handbags Author: Irfan You can try out eBay for several Vera Bradley retired models but you all the time have to be cautious of a number of things. One, you want to make definite it is a genuine pattern made by Vera Bradley and not some knock off that someone has bogus. In […]

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Bradley Capri Blue

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i’m getting a vera bradley backpack. should i get java blue or capri melon? i love both colors, but I’m afraid that the capri melon is too birght. it is getting colder, but I think the java blue will last all year long. I love the petal pink, chealsea green, and pcadilly plum. does that […]

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Coach Legacy Leather

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Coach LEGACY LEATHER FRAMED FRENCH PURSE? Does anyone know if small LEGACY LEATHER FRAMED FRENCH PURSE comes in whisky color? I checked coach official site and there isn’t any there. I know they come in whisky for the bigger sized legacy wallet… anyone? Thanks!! I love love love my fur babies! What kind of fur […]

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Style Handbag

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What is the name of the cartoon style handbag and where can I find it? A while ago I saw this handbag in macy’s that really caught my attention. It was brightly colored with retro style cartoons on it, kind of like anime type drawings. On some of them, there was a key chain. It […]

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