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Yoga Pilates Gym

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Pilates and Pregnancy Author: Yvonne Corilla Continue with an exercise program can be difficult when you are pregnant, and can be completely avoided, especially during the first trimester when you may feel nausea and fatigue. An easy way to stay active with Pilates, a mind / body exercise method that strengthens the most important muscles […]

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Gym Tank Top

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My fiance got mad at me for wearing a tank top to the gym…? I was wearing capris and a tank top, same thing everyone else there wears, and as I was leaving the house he got all mad and said I just wanted guys to look at me and I was “slumming” it and […]

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Tennis Gym Yoga

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Sport Activities in Istanbul? Do you know where can I go for Horse back riding in Istanbul? Do they have GYM for ladies only? sport club? Tennis? Yoga classes? sea sport? I will stay in Besiktas area so it would be better if the places where somehow near that area Cok tessuker 🙂 In İstanbul, […]

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Champion Gear Gym

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Fedor Emelianenko, The Great MMA Legend Author: Phoenix Delray Fedor Emelianenko has been hailed as one of the greatest MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) athletes that has ever been. He is currently the World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts Heavyweight Champion. Born on September 28, 1976, Fedor Emelianenko has proven throughout the last decade that he […]


Workout Tank Top

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Besides Equipment You Also Need The Right Clothes To Workout In Author: Jasmine Stone The world is getting more and more competitive everyday. In order to keep up with such competition, every individual should focus on their body’s fitness. For some, it can be a simple walking and running exercises while for others, it may […]

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Gym Gym Dri

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okay im using certain dri deoderant!! but i have a couple questions…? well it helps with the persperation…but not really the odor!! is there a way to stop that cuz i use the regular one not the a.m.. and also, i have gym at school so i sweat!! and i cant take it to school […]

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