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Yoga Pilates Running

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Pilates Boston a Modern Approach to Pilates Author: Pilates Boston Pilates Boston Pilates Boston philosophy is simple. Provide the best training environment and the highest quality instructors to produce incredible results for individuals. We have a modern approach to Pilates, one that blends the best of all the training schools with what works best for […]

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Tennis Running Gym

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Sneakers, tennis shoes, gym shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes….what do you call them? There’s so many names for this type of shoe; I was just wondering what other people call them. I grew up calling them gym shoes, but I don’t think that one’s too common. Gummybear, There are actually many names for athletic shoes. […]

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Tennis Run Gym

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Is this okay to wear to the gym to run/workout and to tennis? I’m 20 years old, college student. It bothers me how with long basketball shorts, the fabric flops around everywhere when running. Is it okay to wear these short nike runner’s shorts to tennis class next semester and/or to the campus gym/weightroom? Do […]

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Lift Separate Bra

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good bra to lift and separate the girls? I’m a 34 (or 36 depending on the bra), C cup. It seems like most lifting bras smoosh my boobs together, which I hate! Any recommendations for good bras that lift AND separate?? Specific brand names would be helpful, and I’m boycotting Victoria’s Secret. I’ve been boycotting […]

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Black Athletic Pants

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Mesh Pants Author: Joshwa Massey When riding on motorcycles, vital is that you must wear quality gears. Apart from that, you have to wear the right outfit as well. Keep in mind that you have to choose your desired apparel wisely, very carefully to give you the maximum desired protection. It will protect you from […]

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Workout Gym Yoga

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The Benefits of Incorporating Yoga into Your Fitness Routine Author: kyle burke Visiting a gym for boosting your health and physique becomes a great idea when you can incorporate yoga. Naples has a score of gyms that offer the multiple benefits of yoga like strengthening your body, spirit and mind. Here is a short glimpse […]

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