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Size Medium NWT

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what would the measurements be for a size Medium American Eagle peacoat? its so cold in winter down here, in victoria, australia, and i love peacoats, i want to buy one off ebay, because i cant find them anywhere here any info about the measurements for something like this:|66%3A2|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 or suggestions for other peacoats would […]

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Leather Handbag Nwt

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is this a real juicy couture bag? please explain why or why not. i also found one like it but in a different size Well, it is hard to say if that seller is selling an actual authentic JC bag because he/she is using a stock photo from the Neiman Marcus website. I do […]

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Leather Nwt

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Jehovah’s Witnesses, could you tell me something about the 1984 NWT please? My question is in regards to the edition, model, or version (not sure what this is called) of the Bible. On page 4 where all the copyright and publishing info is, down on the bottom just below the total of all copies printed […]

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Vera Bradley Backpack

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Vera Bradley Handbags Author: Kevin McCue This article might sound a little strange coming from a guy but just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I can’t know good fashion when I see it! I first learned about Vera Bradley from my girlfriend who completely loves all their stuff.  The company is cool, however, because […]

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Liz Claiborne Black

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How do I clean a used black Liz Claiborne wallet? Hi. A friend just gave me a slightly used black croc skin Liz Claiborne wallet. The leather is fine, but the black fabric inside has white streaks. I tried cleaning it with water, but the streaks just got worse. I also want to clean the […]

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Coach Legacy Signature

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Which would you choose? Coach Handbags? I need opinions about which would you choose if you were me: Either Only 1 bag Coach signature Legacy Leigh bag with White trim not (platinum as pictured) or 2 which together would be less than the first: Coach Leather leigh in black and signature ergo flap bag I’ll […]

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