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Top Yoga Tennis

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Importance Of Yoga In Tennis- The Major Role It Plays In The Game Author: Abhishek Agarwal Sports like tennis need spontaneous reactions. So, the muscles should be flexible enough the act accordingly, stretch immediately when needed. If muscles are too strained, they become rigid and will make it difficult for swift and easy movement. To […]

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Tennis Yoga Top

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The Relation Between Yoga and Tennis Author: Jennifer Seaton The elasticity of the muscles is essential particularly for the player of tennis because it needs the cat-like reflexes with glares of the force. However it does not mean that you must stretch your muscles as an any manner that you want because inaccurate drawing can […]

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Run Lulu Run

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Want to Publish? Consider Lulu or Createspace Author: Linda A Lavid To test the waters and get reviews, writers can publish books quickly and inexpensively by using a low-cost front-end subsidy such as Lulu or CreateSpace. Below are some specifics… Lulu. Lulu started out as a technology company. Years ago, when I first visited the […]

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Visual Journaling

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Many people are afraid of the blank page. Have you ever hesitated to draw or write in a new journal or blank book for fear of ruining it? Well I am here to tell you to fear not! I’m going to show you several ways to tackle this problem but first I would like to […]

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Taking Time to Journal

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A blank journal page or computer screen can be intimidating. But this thought did not enter my head after my daughter and father-in-law died the same weekend. Journaling was the only way I could cope. It helped me cope and continued to help me when my brother died eight weeks later and when my former […]

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Success in Dieting Requires a Daily Diary

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We may call it ‘diet journaling’, our ‘fat burning journal’ or simply our ‘healthy diet diary’ , but there is power in the concept and implementation of keeping a healthy diet diary. Sounds grandiose maybe for some of us, or even too much trouble in these days of looking for instantaneous results from minimal energy […]

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