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Dri Power Zip

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Piaggio Zip 50 Review Author: InsureMyRide From when cars race off in front of you from the lights, to having a B-double sitting just off your rear wheel in a 60km/h zone, riding a moped, if anything, makes you a whole lot more aware of your surroundings. Okay, lack of speed, acceleration and road presence […]

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Sport Logo Tank

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Sports and Sports Betting: the Quotes and the Quotable Author: Karol Lucan From an NFL player alleged to be so cruel to dogs it should make you cringe, to an NBA referee who went on a sports betting binge, to a Tour de France rider with a syringe, it’s been an interesting few months in […]

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Russell Athletic Dri

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About Chinese Training And Sports Medicine Author: Sean W Russell Chinese Martial artists for the last 3000 years have been training and getting injured the same as today. In fact martial artists that were considered ‘Masters’ at the time were mostly doctors or bone setters. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t train its that simple. […]

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Visual Journaling

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Many people are afraid of the blank page. Have you ever hesitated to draw or write in a new journal or blank book for fear of ruining it? Well I am here to tell you to fear not! I’m going to show you several ways to tackle this problem but first I would like to […]

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Taking Time to Journal

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A blank journal page or computer screen can be intimidating. But this thought did not enter my head after my daughter and father-in-law died the same weekend. Journaling was the only way I could cope. It helped me cope and continued to help me when my brother died eight weeks later and when my former […]

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