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Black Capri Pants

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A Guide for Capri Pants Author: Dexter James There are two women who stood tall behind the rise and re-rise of capri pants. Mary Moore is the first one who introduced these mid-calf length pants to the world in 60s in a popular TV program, much before these pants went into their first sabbatical. The […]

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Skirt Size Small

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Sew Your Own Christmas Tree Skirt Author: Di Ellis Making your own Christmas Tree Skirt is simple, and can be done as a project for the whole family to enjoy together. Fabric Good fabrics to choose are plain cottons (red, green or white), or you can buy special Christmas prints in a range of fabrics […]

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Black Purse Handbag

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Eurohandbag – Offering High Quality Handbags, Wallets, and Purses Author: Chris Li Handbags are one of the most popular ways of showing off your sense of fashion. This goes especially when you own designer handbags. Women just adore bags which are created out from the ideas of top designers like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. If […]

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Black Shoulder Bag

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No.09 Gucci New Jackie Medium Shoulder Bag with Single Adjustable Strap Author: Tommy Martin Year after year, Gucci has been remodeling its classic designs in every new collection. Actually, for those fashion giant, it’s an unwritten rule in the industry. A great portion of young fashion chasers are reluctant to accept the so-called inheritance. As […]

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Black Leather Hobo

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Smart Traveling With Gucci Bags Such as the Gucci Hobo Author: Chris Li   Bags make a statement for fashion or otherwise. And if you are carrying a Gucci bag, you can be the apple of everyone’s eye. EuroHandbag has a great line of Gucci bags and Gucci hobo. In the trendiest and best style, […]

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White Tote Bag

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Two Great Womens Laptop Bags For All Fashionistas Author: Terro White Laptops have now become extremely important, especially because people are now required to handle most of the tasks on this machine. Considering the needs of people, the laptop manufacturers have now offered some of most amazing laptops. But, it is a fact that these […]

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