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Print Purse

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Making A Statement With A Picture Purse Author: Mario Churchill Being different and unique is a great way to express your personality and deliver a fashion statement as well. Following the off-beaten track will allow you to use your creativity and rise from the pack. Who would want to be just one of the guys […]

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Shopping Bag

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Eco Friendly Shopping Bags – Alternatives are Available Author: Tanya Faddelstein The polyethylene shopping bag had its fifteen minutes of fame a  decade or so back, when they were he perfect replacement for paper bags. Paper bags ripped easily, came apart when they got wet and also were increasing in price at an alarming rate. […]

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Purse Bag Sac

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Epi Leather Bags Online Author: alina Louis Vuitton introduced its Epi leather line in 1986 that offered contemporary and dynamic designs. The entire collection is textured in a variety of Epi leather colors like Vanilla, Lilac, Pepper, Red, Black and Moka. The Epi leather series consists of a wide range of pouches, wallets, clutches, agendas, […]

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Handbag Purse Clutch

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Keeping Handbags Collection Organized Author: Janet R. Everybody loves bags and so as women who can be lucrative when styling their outfit. Many women love to add handbags, purses, clutches and totes to their bag collection. These may seem to be a hobby, but try to take a peek inside their closet and you’ll be […]

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Vera Bradley Lola

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What are the must haves a 13 year old girl needs in her purse? I wanna start carrying a purse… what do you think of the vera bradley lola? what are some things i need in my purse? OMG!!!!! I luv the Vera Bradley Lola purse, one of my friends has it and i am […]

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Style Handbag

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What is the name of the cartoon style handbag and where can I find it? A while ago I saw this handbag in macy’s that really caught my attention. It was brightly colored with retro style cartoons on it, kind of like anime type drawings. On some of them, there was a key chain. It […]

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