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Gym Tank Top

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My fiance got mad at me for wearing a tank top to the gym…? I was wearing capris and a tank top, same thing everyone else there wears, and as I was leaving the house he got all mad and said I just wanted guys to look at me and I was “slumming” it and […]

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Fitness Tank Top

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Not allowed to wear tank tops at Planet Fitness? I went to Planet Fitness today and was told that I was not allowed to wear tank tops anymore to work out. WTF? Is this because they want to uphold their “judgement free zone”? I think this is absolutely ridiculous. If people feel intimidated by those […]

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Yoga Tank Top

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Bikram Yoga Mat for Bikram Yoga Poses Author: Seb Branson One Essential Piece of Equipment for Bikram Yoga Poses: the Bikram Yoga Mat A Bikram yoga mat is an essential piece of equipment for executing Bikram Yoga Poses during a yoga class, just as any yoga mat is essential for anyone learning how to do […]

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