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Tops Shirts Small

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I have these small pimples on my arms that are really bugging me. i can’t even wear any shirts or tank tops! I have these small pimples on my arms, people call it like chickenskin or something, and because of that, i can’t even wear any shirts or tank tops! D:< It’s called eczema and […]

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Color Style Handbag

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Guide in Choosing the Best Handbag for You Author: Lhancel Kurt Since most women always keep their eyes on hot styles and designs of handbags, they became more focused on following these latest fashion trends without considering if the handbags will suit their figure. Perhaps, this is one of the most common mistakes that they […]

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Betsey Johnson Betseyville

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How do I clean a Betsey Johnson make up bag? My make up bag is filthy! There’s broken up bronzer all in the bottom and is covering everything. It’s a Betsey Johnson Betseyville nylon/plastic bag… can I put it in the washing machine on gentle cycle? Or do I have to use a warm wash […]

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Vera Bradley Handbag

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Vera Bradley Handbags Author: Irfan You can try out eBay for several Vera Bradley retired models but you all the time have to be cautious of a number of things. One, you want to make definite it is a genuine pattern made by Vera Bradley and not some knock off that someone has bogus. In […]

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