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Beach Shopping: American Style

Author: Ralph

Buying American-Made-Easy

Summer time products: Part 1

Sun Block:

While in a dead run to the beach you may be in to much of a hurry and anticipating too much fun to acare about the origin of the “beach products” you are buying.Whether it’s Wal-Mart, the Super Market, or some other discount store it should be fairly easy to find a product that is American Made. Ocean Potion, Panama Jack, and Bullfrog are some of the skin products you are likely to see while standing in line at the checkout counter.

If you have the time to check the origin of the product then that is great but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Skin Care, Sun Block, Aloe Vera Gels and other skin creams are chemically based therefore heavily regulated by the FDA. Imported skin products must first pass the FDA’s stringent requirements which can dampen the profits goals of any importer therefore interrupting the distribution of foreign products in the United States and allowing for a greater market share for domestic Manufacturers. (Among the most common reasons for rejections of cosmetics are labeling violations, the illegal use of color additives, and the presence of poisonous or deleterious substances) Maybe we should get the FDA to regulate toys from China.


The need for sun block products at the beach comes in a close second to the need to stay hydrated during those long hours of volley ball, sun bathing and water sports. If a drink cooler is in your purchasing plans then, again, don’t worry about where you shop. Any store that carries such products as coolers or “ice chest” and reusable plastic water bottles are probably going to carry such legendary brands as Coleman or Igloo. These brands are very reputable and very American Made.

Coleman coolers are of course manufactured by Coleman. Coleman manufactures mostly outdoor products hence their slogan “The Outdoor Company”; Igloo on the other hand, is manufactured by Rubber Maid primarily in the USA but should be checked for country of origin. Some of the coolers and ice chest with the “Rubber Maid” brand name may be imported. I have not yet seen an igloo product that is foreign made but Rubber Maids manufacturing process crosses the oceans as they produce products for everything ranging from closet kits, shelving and kitchen utensils to tools and storage products.

Make it easy on yourself when looking for a “Made in USA” label and be aware of the products components. Coleman or Igloo – if the product is an all plastic or rubber based product then it is, more than likely American. If the product has metal components mixed into the equation, like a blender or a rubber grip spatula then the product may be foreign and needs to be checked, especially if the brand is Newell-Rubber Maid which is a sister company of Rubber Maid and is a leading marketer of many of the products listed above. Newell-Rubber Maids brand colors are Blue and Grey and very easy to spot on store shelves. From experience I have learned that you can sometimes spot a foriegn product by their brand colors such as Newell-Rubber Maids Blue and Grey products and packaging. Now, other water bottles and cooler products that you want to stay away from are “Arctic Zone” and “California innovations” which are completely foreign components and foreign made.

Keep these points in mind as you are rushing through the stores. If this article helped or you notice and important product changes that needs to be addressed or updated then please let me know.

About the Author:

Ralph Kimball has been in the study of Made in USA products since 2003. He has made it his life goal to educate and motivate citizens about the importance of supporting your domestic manufacturers when possible and to “Buy American First”

Ralph Kimball rkimball@realamericanjeans.com

Owner, Potus Enterprises www.realamericanjeans.com

Blog: www.realamericanjeans.sosblog.com

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Beach Shopping: American Style

Style Alo Sport

Style Alo Sport