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Stretch Tank Top

Stretch Tank Top

Creative Planning On One Tank Trips In Philadelphia

Author: Levi Quinn

Due to the steady rise and lack of control regarding the cost of gas, it is necessary to stretch whatever is available while offsetting the high prices and fuel drain through creative planning. A one-tank trip in Philadelphia would not be apt for a long drive west of the state to the national parks because of the regular average of unleaded gas. The options available include choosing a destination and making it the base from which nearby attractions may be visited. A different option involves planning a circular route and proceeding to make various stops devoid of path retracing. A circle of 200 miles would stretch southwards into Northern Virginia, west into Central Pennsylvania, Northeast to New York and Birmingham and east toward the Maryland shore. This would ensure more areas are visited and not much fuel has been consumed.

Gas-price hikes can be offset by visiting specific beaches, which do not require the beach tags during the day hours. These beaches usually offer multiday tags and senior discounts while charging a range of 4-6 dollars per day for people exceeding 12 years. Sand is essentially free in places like Wildwoods, Strathmere and the Atlantic City.  It is important to fill the tanks in the city of Jersey because their prices are considerably low when compared to most places in the country. Rehoboth beach as well as other Delaware beaches is to the farther south and beach tags are not required here, except those located in state parks. Maryland Ocean City is a large Atlantic beach which is also free.

During the summer, there is darling discount s on gas cards ranging from 25 or 50 dollars of gas credit   usually offered by specific countries whose interest lies in the business being offered. In most cases, one must actually earn the gas credit and an example is staying in a particular hotel for a required period. A different example may involve different baseball major-league teams offering gas credit in an effort of encouraging the sale of tickets. The Red Cross is another good example of a company that has taken lead in raffling gas cards while ensuring that there is a winner everyday from the respective day’s donors. Other places with gas card deals include drugstore and grocery outlets.

An ideal way of cutting the engine while exploring is biking. All the above trails can be accomplished as day trips or alternatively in areas where a combination of biking and sightseeing are compatible. The Perkiomen trail and the Schuylkill river trail are two gems that stretch 40 miles from the museum of Art and goes past Green Lane and beyond Montgomery County all the way to Green Lane Park. The mid-state route of the Pine creek trail is quite breathtaking due its growth in the last decade to a trail of crashed trail snaking along Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon from Wellsboro to Jersey shore. The C and O canal trail includes a pathway that contains highlights such as the Great Falls on the Potomac River.

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Stretch Tank Top

Stretch Tank Top

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