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Sports Bra Size

Sports Bra Size

The Sports Bra As Part Of Womens Apparel

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Studies show that 75 to 80% of women in the United States do not use the right bra when working out. This is because these people believe that the same thing worn in the office can also be used in a physical activity.

This just means that it is not enough to buy a top and shorts when women decide to workout. This is because adequate support must also be given to the breasts since a lot of females feel very uncomfortable when the person has to jump, run or lift weights. In order to prevent injuries in the breasts, the sports bra was invented.

Sports bras are not that hard to find. There are different brands that can be found in the department store and the only thing the individual should do is find the right one ideal for the body.

Getting the right sports bra also depends on the level of intensity that the person is engaged in. These are classified into three namely low, medium and high impact exercises.

Low impact includes cycling, hiking and yoga. Medium could be brisk walking, jogging or skating while high may be aerobics, running or tae bo.

So what kind of sports bra is ideal for the individual? This really depends on the size of the woman’s breasts. For example, women who are flat or small chested should consider wearing a halter-top. Those whose breasts are large should buy something that has separately molded cups so that it isn’t too tight when the person wears it.

If the customer has never worn one before, it is best to try a few on in order to find that ideal sports bra that is snug and will not give the person a hard time breathing. The individual should even jump or walk around to see how flexible it is.

The sports bra should also be able to absorb sweat. Some manufacturers use dri-fit technology making it easy to dry after an exercise.

There is also another bra that prevents serious injury should something hit the person in the chest. This is called a shock absorber bra. It has different levels of protection ranging from 1 to 4 that works by having a double inner layer sewn into the fabric.

This type of bra also has a breathable mesh that absorbs sweat. This is fastened in the back unlike the conventional sports bra that has to be put on like wearing a shirt.

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Sports Bra Size

Sports Bra Size

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