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Sport Logo Tennis

Sport Logo Tennis
Any1 knows where are these pics from? A coala logo is at the bottom left of all pics. (sport/tennis related)?

I am looking for the souce of some pictures I’ve found on the net. They are high resolution tennis related pics, on every of them there is a transparent coala logo at the bottom left corner, like this: http://sisa.atw.hu/koala_logo.jpg

One of the pictures can be seen here:
You can see the logo on it.
Maybe its a sports site or an offline magazine..


hey mate! well.. koalas are from australia, so maybe a australian photographer. i guess its not a well known company as its not really well know. but defiently could just be a single photograher. it could also just be put on there to deter people copying the image. i have no idea. sorry.

good luck!

Sport Logo Tennis

Sport Logo Tennis

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