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Author: Steve Smith

If you take any kind of interest in the world of alternative health you’ve no doubt heard of aloe vera. The plant is native to Africa, but there are now hundreds of species growing around the world. Authorities differ on the question of for how long the large, fleshy leaves of the plant have been used medicinally, but none suggest that it’s less than several thousand years.

And you’re probably very familiar with its traditional gel form, in which it is used externally on the skin, where it is indeed very valuable in alleviating such conditions as psoriasis, eczema and more common dry skin conditions. Aloe vera is also useful as a treatment for burns, and is particularly often applied in soothing cases of sunburn. Less well known perhaps is that the gel has also been used with some success by dentists and in the treatment of gum diseases. You can now even buy aloe vera toothpaste.

In more recent times you may also have become aware of the claims made for the internal benefits of aloe vera, when consumed as the juice which it leaves produce in liberal quantities. And it’s quite true that aloe vera juice contains a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, such as beta carotene, amino acids and important enzymes.

But the problem is that some evangelists for this amazing herb make some frankly astonishing claims about which it would be wise to maintain a certain scepticism. Aloe vera juice has been credited with reducing blood pressure and cholesterol; alleviating the pain of arthritis; curing Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive problems; and protecting against diseases of the kidney;, to name but a few.

It’s also been recommended as a general boost for athletic and physical performance and in accelerating recovery from sporting injuries. There are even highly contentious claims that aloe vera may be used in the treatment of deep surgical and gunshot wounds and even in the retardation of tumour growth in cancer patients.

Perhaps there is some truth in all of these claims; for there is good evidence for the soothing properties of aloe vera on the digestive organs in particular, and as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent in general, but it would be truly remarkable if this one plant were to be as effective as its advocates claim in the treatment of all of these very different conditions.

All of that said, it must be remarked that pure aloe vera juice is of course an entirely natural product, and there are few if any contra-indications to its consumption in reasonable quantities. Quite the opposite in fact, as aloe vera juice is packed with benefits. Amongst other vital nutrients, for example, it contains vitamins A, E, and C as well as the carotenoid, betacarotene. Each of these is a powerful anti-oxidant in its own right, but they work closely together within the body to counteract the ageing and degeneration of the body’s cells which may be caused by free radical activity. So the combination of these nutrients within a single plant source makes aloe vera a tremendous boost to all round health And if there were no more to aloe vera than this, these anti-oxidant properties alone would make its use worthwhile as a dietary supplement.

The only possible problems which may arise relate to aloe products whose manufacture allows the inclusion of anthraquinone chemicals such as aloin. These products may have a powerful and not always welcome laxative effect, and should be avoided in pregnancy and while breast feeding. Although reputable aloe vera products should be clearly labelled in this respect, this cannot always be relied upon.

In summary, don’t let the hype put you off using this fabulous gift of nature. Use a juice prepared from pure aloe vera and look for the highest concentration product available. 100% aloe vera juice is ideal, subject perhaps to the addition of a little of another natural fruit juice to counteract the bitter flavour. Be aware, though that his will not be an immediate miracle cure. The healing benefits of the juice will take time to show their effects on the overall health of your system. Depending on the quality and concentration of the product you select, you should allow for at least a month’s regular use before assessing progress. Take aloe vera thereafter in any case as a general tonic for the body.

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Steve Smith is a freelance copywriter specialising in direct marketing and with a particular interest in health products.
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Sport Athletic Alo

Sport Athletic Alo