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Sleeve Womens White

Sleeve Womens White

NFL Merchandise Tips For Women

Author: Scott White

If you go to see the Patriots play at Gillette stadium you will see plenty of things. Guys in football jerseys, people lined up for food, kids enjoying their first football experience, and the color pink. The color pink? Sure, because with those guys and those kids are moms, girlfriends and sisters. Do they want to wear a big football jersey that is meant for a guy? No way! They want a jersey that was made for them, and if the color of the jersey is pink? Well, that is a bonus! It is time to talk about the great steps that have been made in the marketing of NFL merchandise for women!

I am a woman who enjoys her fair share of sports. Football is one of my favorite games to watch, and I am always excited when the fall season rolls around and Sunday turns into NFL day. In the past when I have been with a group of people enjoying the game I have borrowed a sweatshirt from my husband. Does it help me show off my team spirit? Sure! Was it comfortable? I suppose, but it was not very flattering. The sleeves would be too long, and the sweatshirt would hang down way below my hips. I can remember making trips out to various sporting goods stores in search of NFL merchandise that would make me feel more feminine. Usually the choices were scant and I would end up with a t shirt meant for a teenage boy.

The other day one of my friends from work and I went out to lunch at our favorite mall. As we passed by a sports store we both went in to browse around, and wow! The choices in NFL merchandise for women were everywhere! Smaller sized zip up sweatshirts and jerseys; even hats and t shirts were not only made to fit us, but were also designed to please our eye. As I mentioned above the predominant color for the clothing was pink, but there were other soft colors to choose from as well. As I flicked through the pink jerseys to find one with the name of my favorite player on it I smiled to myself as I thought about how cute I would look when football season rolled around again!

If you are a woman who is tired of wearing huge sweatshirts to support your team then it is time to go shopping! Stock up on some cute and sporty NFL merchandise and wear it proudly! Go team!

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Sleeve Womens White

Sleeve Womens White

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