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Skort Womens White

Skort Womens White

The Many Choices in Lilly Pulitzer Clothing

Author: Robert D. Williams

Whether you love Lilly Pulitzer clothing for its sophisticated flair or for the use of amazing colors, you’ll fall deeper in love with her fabulous selection that she gives her fans.  Not only does she cater to women with her shoes, accessories, bags, and dresses, she has also created decadent designs for men and children as well – all using the same fabulous patterns and colors.

Lilly Pulitzer’s menswear consists of everything from boxers to swim trunks and everything in between.  There are many solid colors to choose from as well as patchwork and plaids.  Button up shirts and polos are very popular choices from Lilly Pulitzer as well as the vibrant tie collection that comes in necktie length and bow tie.  While the colors aren’t as whimsical as those of the women’s or children’s lines, they give an air of sophistication.

The childrens’ lines are impeccable.  Both boys and girls will have an array of styles, colors and patterns to choose from in these two lines.  For the young gentlemen, they can wear a pair of navy blue shorts with red sailboats and a white polo for a laid back look at the beach.  There are also swim trunks, ties, and long sleeved button up shirts to choose.  As for the young ladies, dresses, skorts, bathing suits and a myriad of tops give them hundreds of outfit ideas for any occasion.

Last, but not least, is the womens’ line.  As with the men and childrens’ lines, the women have a number of choices in tops to wear along with the many skirts, skorts, shorts, and pants that are available.  But the real gem in Lilly Pulitzer’s women’s line has to be her amazing dresses.  Long or short, solid or patterned, embroidered or decorated with lace, you just can’t go wrong in a Lilly Pulitzer dress.  They are prefect for all occasions and make anyone stand out in a crowd.

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Skort Womens White

Skort Womens White