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Skort Skirt Shorts

Skort Skirt Shorts

Ali Larter Goes Casual

Author: Priyanka Arora

The star of Heroes, Ali Larter, is yet another woman who possesses super powers, on TV that is. In real life, however, she describes herself as more of a casual gal. Though she is not one of the brighter stars in Hollywood, she lists a couple of things that would be a must if you opt for a casual wardrobe.

Ali Larter loves to relax and have fun during summer, just like everybody else. Kicking back her shoes, raising up her toes and relaxing. And as she does so, here are the 5 things she always makes sure to have in her casual wardrobe.

1. A comfortable white shirt. This piece of clothing goes well with jeans, pencil skirt and khakis. It will virtually match anything found inside your wardrobe. If you want to be diva-ish, you can secure the shirt under your breasts and tie it with a knot. You can get a white shirt from your favorite store or from your man’s closet.

2. A pair of jeans. Your broken in jeans are the best piece of clothing that you can choose during summertime. Wear it during the day or at night, and pair it with your favorite racerback or your favorite blouse, and you’re set/

3. Bright summer dress. The hot look for this summer is a loose fitting dress that is roomy, and works great for every figure. If you want to make a waist, go wear a belt or a sash over it.

4. Tank tops. Who needs sleeves if you are under the scorching merciless heat of the summer sun. All you need is a tank top and a good sunblock to protect to protect your arms.

5. Skorts. A skort is an invention that is a cross between a skirt and short. This skort is so hot and popular right now because you get to make your legs look longer and flaunt them. They offer you a very feminine look without the risk of showing your underwear when you bend over.

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Skort Skirt Shorts

Skort Skirt Shorts

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