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Skirt Tank Top

Skirt Tank Top

Tips to Select the Best Summer Skirts

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During summer, no girl would want to get caged up in a pair of jeans and other clothing. Even if not experimental, she would look for clothes that not only let her feel comfortable, but also help her make a fashion statement. Well, the best clothing option this summer is to wear skirts. Summer skirts offer that deft touch of femininity and are very comfortable to wear during summer season.

For the fashion conscious, skirts are the best choice, particularly during hot summer months. Skirts are a versatile piece of clothing as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also come in a variety of colors and suit every girl.

Selecting the best summer skirt: Some tips

  • Summer skirts are available in a variety of vibrant colors including shades of orange, yellow, red and gold. Choose summer skirts that have soft pastel shades or electric shades. Electric blue and red shades suit everyone.
  • Girls with boyish figures can opt for pencil skirts. Such skirts can give a curvy illusion. Choose pencil skirts with bold, floral patterns.
  • Women who have gained some weight can select A-line and full skirts as they can easily camouflage the problem areas.
  • To get that feminine, chic look, why not wear a summer skirt with butterfly motifs? Such skirts can be particularly very pretty if you wear a designer belt with it.

Tips to wear summer skirts to get that pretty look:

  • When wearing a full skirt, avoid wearing a wider-looking top. Make sure the top is tucked in. Since the outfit is very simple, you can add some spice by wearing a pretty piece of jewelry.
  • A combination of long skirts and flat sandals can be the best bet. You can also add a designer tank to your long skirt to add more color and sparkle.
  • A-line skirts should have tops tucked in to have that hourglass-like figure. This makes the body look more light and feminine. To have that sophisticated feel, you can wear gold rings and chunky sandals.
  • If you opt for a shorter skirt, always wear shoes or sandals with small heels.

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Skirt Tank Top

Skirt Tank Top

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