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Skirt Skort Tank

Basic Seasonal Trends for Tweens

Author: Victoria

Every season, the same types of clothing from tweens (FYI – tween are preteen kids.) are back in style. If you stock up on the basics, your tween will be able to fashionably survive school and the rest of the year. Just read these basic seasonal trends, so you will know what clothes to purchase for your tween girl.


When spring finally arrives after the cold season winter, this is the perfect opportunity for your tween to wear new clothing such as cropped pants, long skirts, baby doll shirts, white pants, and ballet flats. Crop pants come in many different varieties and fabric. You can get crop pants with strings ties at the end and match it with a baby doll shirt for a casual look. Or, you can put together a floral long skirt with a plain color matching short sleeve shirt for a dressy event. During the spring, this is the opportunity for your tween to walk around in white pants since this is the only time of the year to wear them. Also for shoes, look for ballet flats, which are comfortable and may even last for next year. When choosing tween clothes for the spring, look for bold floral inspired colors such as peach, purple, pink, or greens.


Summer is a scorching time of the year, so your tween should wear breathable fabrics such as 100% cotton or cotton blends. Some tween clothes that are fashionable every summer are tank tops, tankinis, skorts (a combination between skirts and shorts), flip flops and beach jewelry. Summer is a very casual time of the year, so it is acceptable for your tween to dress casual. Tank tops paired with either skorts and flop flips are a perfect for an everyday summer look. However if your tween wants to go to the beach or pool, a tankini is a great compromise. Tankinis cover everything like a swimsuit, but it is very trendy like a bikini. Where ever your tween goes, make sure she wears a pair of flip flops. They are cheap and look great with any summer outfit. Also, top off any outfit or swimwear with beach jewelry. When shopping for summer clothes, look for bright neon colors such as yellow, turquoise, magenta, and white. They are the best colors to wear under the bright sun.


Fall is that break out time of year when your tween can impress her classmates with new back to school clothes. When fall arrives, think about getting plaid skirts and pants, denim jackets, jeans, and leather boots. Denim jackets are perfect with plaid skirts and pants, and your tween can get more use of out her spring and summer clothing by wearing short sleeve shirts, baby doll shirts, or tanktops underneath. Don’t forget to pick up a great fitting pair of jeans. Your tween can wear probably wear this many times over. With any fall outfit, the shoe of choice is a funky pair of boots, which can last throughout the fall and winter. Before you select a new fall wardrobe for your tween, shop for clothes in earthy tones such as dark orange, yellow, red, and brown.


When winter finally makes an appearance, you want very warm clothes to bundle up your tween. Winter clothes means wearing more sweaters, layered tees, medium length skirts, stockings, scarves, and snow boots. For a casual winter look, your tween can wear sweaters or layered tees with a fun scarf over her neck, trendy snow boots, and jeans that were purchased for the fall season. However if your tween is attending a dressy function, a sweater looks great with a medium length dark black or brown skirt. Don’t forget about the stockings, which will keep her warm throughout the cold season.

Now, you know what seasonal trends are in style every year. It’s much easier predicting and purchasing clothes for your tween girl. Limited Too was created for tween girls since they are too old for kids stores and too young for the junior section. You can shop at Limited Too for all of your tween girls clothing needs. Save money with Limited Too coupons and Limited Too coupon codes for your next Limited Too clothes by clicking the link below.


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Skirt Skort Tank

Skirt Skort Tank