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Pearls: the Ultimate Summertime Accessory?

Author: Monish

Besides beach attire, what manner of dress do you favor wearing in summer? Shorts, jumpers, skorts, capri pants, and skirts are fashion favorites, the ideal look while staying at a humble beach house, rustic mountain cabin or lodge, or just flitting around your own home.

As far as jewelry choices go, pearls are a year `round favorite but more so in the summer – after all, the birthstone for the month of June is the pearl.

Worn at formal occasions throughout the year, pearls complement today`s woman who is entertaining at home, dining out on the town, shopping, or meeting with friends. Pearl drop earrings or studs, pearl necklaces or strands, and pearl bracelets can be worn with just about any summer wardrobe, providing a level of elegance and sophistication favored by the royals but within reach of most consumers.

What exactly makes pearls so popular during the summer months? Many things including thoughts of romance, elegant living, and perhaps the most common of all: quiet walks on sandy beaches. After all, who hasn`t picked up a surf washed oyster, pried it open, seeking but not finding a prized Akoya pearl? It really doesn`t matter to you that you aren`t even on the right beach to find your pearl of great price as your imagination carries you from shell to shell, dreaming of finding that one pearl to add to your collection.

When the dream ends, what will you do? Will you be satisfied with your search or will you seek out ways you can turn your dream into a reality? 

Your good fortune today is that pearl harvesting methods have improved to the point where pearls are no longer just the purvey of the rich and of royals. Up until the beginning of the last century, pearl hunting was the chief way that pearls were harvested, a costly and labor intensive method of locating pearls by accomplished divers.

By the early part of the 20th century, pearl farming came into vogue, a way for pearls to be harvested through controlled means. Japan was at one time the leading producer of freshwater pearls, but has since been overtaken by China. The increased production and ease of harvesting has sent prices plunging to the point where beautiful pearl strand necklaces can be found on-line at prices starting around $100.

Of course, not all pearls are the same with some having great value, while others less so. What gives any pearl its value is a combination of several attributes including its color, luster, size, symmetry, and lack of surface flaws, with luster being of greatest importance. However, a pearl`s size is also important when setting its value as larger, more rounded pearls are more expensive and highly prized.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls though they may seem similar in appearance. Saltwater pearls grow in pearl oysters which live in oceans, while freshwater pearls grow in mussels which can be found in ponds, rivers, lakes, and other freshwater sources. Both are equally attractive with freshwater pearls marketed as freshwater, while saltwater pearls are sold as either Tahitian, South Sea, or Akoya pearls.

No matter which type of pearl you choose and what accessory you like, pearls add a special touch to most any summer wardrobe. The right look, at the right price, for your wearing pleasure.


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Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Pearls: the Ultimate Summertime Accessory?

Skirt Skort Size

Skirt Skort Size

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