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Skirt Shorts Medium

Skirt Shorts Medium

Kurtis &tunics: Outfits Loved by People All Over the World

Author: Ruchi Rastogi

Kurtis suits people of all ages and makes them look more graceful. Kurtis/tunics originated from India’s most traditional outfit known as “SALWAR KAMEEZ”. The kameez of this outfit has been redefined into different lengths and designs and they are in todays time called Kurti. They come in 3 different lengths short, medium and long length.

The style of wearing the kurti depends on the length of the kurti. The long length kurtis can b worn over trousers, jeans, salwar. The medium length kurti can be worn over trousers, jeans and in addition it can be worn over Capri’s with a belt over which gives a very trendy look. The short length kurti can be worn over anything but it looks stunning with long skirts and gives an indo western touch to the outfit. You can also carry a stole with the kurti n skirt or kurti n trousers to give it a more formal look.

As of today kurti is the most worn attire in India that’s gaining much recognition all around the world. It has brought down the sale of the Indian dresses like salwar kameez to nearly half. As per my survey, majority of the women now a days like to wear Kurtis and Tunics to office over a pair of trouser and they are absolutely ready for work. Even at weddings and family functions kurtis are worn over long skirts with a stole around the neck giving the attire a lehnga choli kind of a look yet making one look westernized. These type of indo western outfits are not only limited to the people in India but from all over the world people can be seen wearing it as the resources have expanded and it can be found in your country too. You can find some amazing collection of formal, semi formal n casual wear Kurtis at www.asraistyle.com

Last but not the least kurti being Indian apparel has merged in world’s fashion and can be seen everywhere. Trust me KURTIS are definitely worth a buy!!!!!!!

About the Author:

Ruchi Rastogi

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Kurtis &tunics: Outfits Loved by People All Over the World

Skirt Shorts Medium

Skirt Shorts Medium