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Skirt Dress Outfit

Skirt Dress Outfit

Why My Daughter Loves Fashion Dress Up Games

Author: JohnM

A New Online Clothes Game
My daughter absolutely loves online games for girls, and yesterday she was telling me about her new favorite game. It can be found on a website called GirlSense.com. The game is called Point Zero, and it is based on a real clothes brand. The Point Zero boutique has lots of cool gear for the wannabe “it girl” about town. Items include skirts, dresses, and tops. Popular colors include red, blue, yellow, pink, and green. My daughter particularly likes the Argyle vest, a real retro item that is back in fashion.

About Dress Up Games for Girls
My daughter was explaining the fashion dress up games concept to me. The games are about creating a virtual outfit from a range of styles and colors. First you have to sign up and give a parent’s email address. I received an email from GirlSense, notifying me that my daughter is playing fashion dress up games. I like that idea, because it makes me feel that the site operators have a sense of responsibility, and that they are taking steps to ensure my daughter’s safety while online.

Once my daughter was signed up, she could begin to play fashion dress up games in the Point Zero Boutique. I watched her playing the other night, and it really does look like fun. What she does is drag shirts, skirts, tops and dresses from the display room and onto an avatar (that’s a computer representation of a real person). Shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts are bought using virtual money. In other words, it’s completely free, and naturally that makes me very happy.

The Added Value of Online Clothes Games
My daughter says that playing online clothes games that are based on real life brand, give her a real sense of satisfaction. It also helps her to keep informed about current trends in fashion. No doubt she will soon start to want to start shopping for the real thing. So playing online games for girls helps her to develop her own sense of style.

My daughter also showed me that dress up games for girls on websites such as GirlSense, offer much more than just buying outfits from a fully stocked virtual store. You can also design your own virtual boutique from scratch. Starting with the color scheme of the boutique itself, girls can choose the avatar, and put together a complete fashion collection. At every stage they can choose from a range of sizes, colors, and patterns. Other girls can visit the boutique and play fashion dress up games, just as they did in the Point Zero Boutique, using virtual money. This way, my daughter earns virtual money form her own boutique, and she can use the money to buy more items from other boutiques on the website.

About the Author:

John is a writer for Compucall. For more information, please visit www.GirlSense.com

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Skirt Dress Outfit

Skirt Dress Outfit

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