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Ski Snowboard Pants

Ski Snowboard Pants
Just starting to ski/snowboard. What type of pants should I get and does it make a difference?

3 parts to my question.
1) Is the a functional difference between ski and snowboard pants?
2) Which kind should I buy as a beginner who will be engaged in both activities?
3) Any recommended brands or places to shop?

1) Pretty sure theres no differents, some snowpants are MADE for snowboarding though, like I have a brand called special blend, and they have things for snowboarding threwout the pants.

2) make sure you can bend, fall in them, when I try mine on i bend and fall backwards in the store and see if its good, because you will be falling alot, extra room in the bum for the falling .

3) RonJon surf shop, they have all snowboarding stuff. I recommend special blend, I really like my snowpants .

Ski Snowboard Pants

Ski Snowboard Pants

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