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Skating Twirling Baton

Skating Twirling Baton

Kenerly Kreations Inc. Breaks Into The Figure Skating World

Author: Maureen

Kenerly Kreations Inc. a front-runner in baton-twirling costuming is introducing its new figure skating dress line in 2009. Kenerly Kreations is making figure skating costuming a top priority in their line of unique and custom-designed performance costumes. Kenerly Kreations Inc. is becoming one of the lead designers of figure skating dresses and costumes.

Using their knowledge of baton twirling costumes and their deep appreciation of figure skating Kenerly Kreations is able to effectively design and create beautiful figure skating dresses. Many of the design and construction techniques used in making baton twirling costumes and dance costumes are used to create a comfortable, yet elegant figure skating dress. Kenerly Kreations has begun to accumulate a fan base in the ice-skating world. While they have continued to keep their beloved twirling customers and fans they have also developed a new clientele of figure skaters!

Kenerly Kreations Inc. is committed to create a new line of figure skating dresses. A new portion of the website has been set aside exclusively for figure skating. A new figure skating page has been added to the website to highlight some of the new named designs. Kenerly’s forte though remains made-to-order one-of-a kind competition figure skating dresses.

“I am excited about the new figure skating dress line”, says Joy Kenerly head designer and owner “I love the challenge of working with our new figure skating friends and watching the Kenerly elegance on ice.”

Kenerly Kreations Inc. is thrilled to become a fresh new face in the figure skating world. Their figure skating dresses have been worn on the ice not only in the United States but also internationally. Kenerly Kreations will continue to specialize in custom and uniquely designed baton twirling, majorette, dance line, and pageant costumes but expect to see them shine on the ice with their new approach to figure skating dresses exclusively from Kenerly Kreations Inc.

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Skating Twirling Baton

Skating Twirling Baton

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