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Shoulder Tote Hobo

Shoulder Tote Hobo
Do you think that this tote/shoulder bag can be used for school?

All i’m gonna have in it is one binder, and some pencils and a pen. Not alot at all.

Here’s the bag


I used a hobo style type bag last school year that’s pretty simialar in size, and it worked perfectly.

Here’s the exact same type bag I used last year-


It actually looks a bit smaller, maybe bigger in length.

So yeah, if it didn’t fit my binder I can carry my binder and use the bag for notebooks and stuff.

Thanks for anyone who answers this.
Alright I ordered it, but i’m a little scared that it may be too small. D:

I hope its big enough !

If not, I will have to return it. 🙁

it’s cute but not for school. most of my bags for school often get dirty and/or ripped so i don’t bother buying something incredibly stylishl.

Shoulder Tote Hobo
Shoulder Tote Hobo
Shoulder Tote Hobo

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