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Shoulder Purse Bag

Shoulder Purse Bag

The Sheer Variety and Style of Purse Bags Never Ceases to Amaze

Author: Taneesha Rodnis

Purse derive its name from the Latin ‘bursa,’ a term that is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘ox-hide’. From chunky totes to chic clutches, different styles are churned out in large numbers by leading designer brands, such as Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton. Purse replicas of comparable quality as these designer brands are now available at reasonable prices.

Evolution of Purse Bags

In the olden days, women did not have to carry cell phones, key bunches and a makeup kit in their purses. As a result, the purse handbags then were smaller in size and meant to carry only a few coins and a handkerchief. By the late 17th century, women of affluent families carried purses called ‘reticules’. The reticules were big enough to carry a fan, a perfume bottle, face powder and opera glasses. The 1920s brought with them the beaded and mesh purse bags, which became a rage. These continue to be a vintage item till date. Today, these bags are available in leather, monogram canvas and suede, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Over the ages, purses have evolved from being a purely utility based item into a fashion accessory. With replica purses, these fashion accessories are now totally affordable.

Different Styles in Purse Bags

Some styles have managed to retain their popularity over the years. Few of them are:

  • Clutch bags: The chic clutch bags not only carry your belongings, but also make a great style statement. These stylish bags can accompany you on different occasions, including cocktail parties to formal dinners. The Eva clutch of the Louis Vuitton (LV) Montorgueil collection is a trendy purse bag with a bohemian touch. The clutch, named after supermodel Eva Herzigova, can be carried on the shoulder or slung across the body, with the attached chain.

  • Money bags: Ideal for carrying change and small papers, such as bills and receipts that are otherwise easily misplaced. These small moneybags are available in elegant monogram canvas as well. The Monogram Mini Lin Croisette by Louis Vuitton is a rounded bag, adorned with an elegant hook

  • Leather bags: it is important that your workplace purse bags successfully impart a professional look. The Monogram Vernis leather bags made of natural cowhide are great for everyday office use. They look smart and are utility based. Besides, the textile lining also increases the durability of the bag.

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About the Author:

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Shoulder Purse Bag
Shoulder Purse Bag
Shoulder Purse Bag

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